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1. How To Become A Model in Kerala

Are you thinking about how you can get work if you choose modeling as your career being a fresher? Many of them feel they will get nowhere with a portfolio shoot that will be a waste of money and time and end up deciding not to pursue modeling at all as they have no idea where to begin their career with. So how can you get potential work as a model in Kerala?

Unlike other Indian states, in Kerala some people's entry to the modelling world or Malayalam movie industry happens quickly with their lucky breaks like the wink girl Priya Warrier, while some people get into modeling through Kerala Beauty Pageants like Gayathri Suresh who was Miss Kerala. It may take a long time for others like Aishwarya Lekshmi who took modelling as a part time job and then got into the movie industry. Though there is no right or wrong way to make a career in the modelling industry, there are a few different approaches that can be considered to ensure modeling jobs are obtained.

2. How To Get Modelling Jobs As a Beginner In Kerala

  1. Modelling Agency - They will find you work, mostly advertisement shoots. 99% of the models prefer working through a casting agency.
  2. Freelance Modeling - Find your own work, tedious job, not safe and secure.
  3. Modeling Competitions - Good way to be spotted eventually get fashion modeling jobs
  4. Modeling Schools or Workshops - Usually expensive, you may build a career but not likely to get modeling works

The decision of choosing one amongst this is yours as it is completely based on the goal that you have. The only important thing you need to have is a clear goal and then aim at finding a suitable method to accomplish that goal.

3. What Are The Best Ways To Get Modelling Works As a Fresher?

  • As a new model, you need somebody to represent you. A casting agency or model coordinator helps you with the same.
  • The model casting agency route is the best way, in the beginning, to obtain work as a beginner, as it helps you get the right grip in the industry.
  • The freelance way becomes easier once you gain enough experience.

4. We Are In Need Of The Following Models

5. What Is The Role Of a Model Agency?

  • An agency helps you in finding suitable work by allocating you a suitable personal model coordinator
  • Helps in negotiating your payment with ad agency or production house.
  • Solves problems between the client and you by taking your responsibility as an employer

It is very important to have in your mind that you are an employee of the casting agency or model coordinator and not an ambassador. It is you who will be representing your agency as you are the face that the clients will meet. This has to be done in the most appropriate way.


6. How to find the best modeling agencies in Kerala?

Due to the strong fear of rejection among new models, finding a modeling agency or model coordinator might turn out to be a difficult task. Even after several attempts if you don't get through an agency, it is important to remember to not take it personally and DONT feel it's because you don't look good. It just means you don't "FIT" in their present project.

Instead of getting discouraged when casting director rejects you, take it positively as it is their loss that they missed an opportunity to work with you when they told 'NO' to you.

7. Why you may not get selected by a Casting Director or Model Agency?

Compared to other Indian states, Kerala has got only very few genuine casting agencies. So, it takes a lot of effort and determination to get through an agency. Sometimes even after trying multiple times if you are not lucky enough to get an agency, take into consideration the things below

  • Every model casting agency does not work in the same way
  • Certain agency works only a particular section of the industry- Some agencies concentrates more on Fashion shows, others on Advertisements, may be few other agencies on Movies only.
  • Some Casting agencies / Model Coordinators in the Malayalam industry may focus only on subcategory - For movies, some may be looking out only for junior artists / crowd or some may cast only protagonist characters
  • You are not sending the appropriate photos of yours to the agency..
  • You are not contacting the agency the way they need to be contacted
8. How can a new model reach stardom?

Like in any other fields, agencies will also have their own list of 'favourite' models who are considered special and unique than the hundreds of other models they have in their database. These handful of superior models are constantly pushed forward more, supported more and taken care of more which makes way for them to reach the status of a 'Supermodel' or a Heroine in the Malayalam Movie Industry.

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