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How To Make Portfolio For Modelling In Kerala, Cost,Types Of Portfolios

Firstly In your modelling or acting career, one of the most serious professional tools is your Modelling Portfolio Photographs. This has to be remembered always. Just like how a camera is respected by a cinematographer and the utmost care with which surgeons treat their scissors and knives, these portfolio photographs must have planning and dedicated effort put into it as your future is dependent on these photos. Depending on whether the photos are good or bad, whether you will get your big break in the next big show like Miss Kerala Pageant show or will you end up posing for small-time catalogues or even worse do odd jobs to make ends meet will be determined by these portfolio photos.

A Good Portfolio Necessarily Doesn't Have To Be An Expensive Portfolio Or Fancy Ones


How Does Portfolio Making Style Differs In Each Indian Cities

First of all it is necessary to create a good portfolio from the start itself so that each time you are looking for work, you don't have to take other photographs.
The portfolio making style is different among each Indian state. Mumbai, Bangalore style is different from Kerala, Tamilnadu. In South India, Bangalore has the most number of print shoots, because of the existence of major brands like Myntra, Nykaa, Shein etc. In Bangalore most shoots are based on uptrending fashion style. And Bangalore holds the most number of models among South India even international Russian, Siberian, Ukrainian models.

However in Kerala and Tamilnadu the scenario is different. Both states focus more on traditional costumes like Saree, Lehenga, Half Sarees etc. And among all Indian states the most number of Jewelry Shoots happen in Kochi, Kerala
. So, if you send your traditional Kerala style portfolio to Bangalore modelling agencies chances are more that you will get rejected and vice versa. And if your target is Tamil movies, the portfolio style is totally different, where you have to wear half saree, styled with bangles, jasmine flower, traditional ornaments etc. In the case of Malayalam movies, the portfolio has to be like casual salwar, where you should more look like a next door Kerala girl.

Hence it is advisable to get a professional photographer to do this for you. It may cost you a bit but hey! the cost will be worth it because you have what it takes.

The portfolio should be submitted to the model coordinator and potential model agencies with foresight and plan, ensuring that the photographs are taken with minimal makeup as opposed to fancy ones. You must have a clear target in which Indian state you are focusing your career. Therefore If you would like to get modelling jobs in Kerala, it would be better to take portfolio with simple makeups and costumes rather than fancy costumes and heavy accessories like sunglasses, hat, jewelry

How To Prepare Yourself For Portfolio Shoot

Don't think twice to experiment in order to find your look. To showcase your features and talents in the best possible way, click your pictures in various poses and different angles. Arrange the lighting in a way that your best features are highlighted and always have a pleasing or neutral background with no other details in the photograph. To give off a variety of attitude and looks, flaunt your skin and body frame in different lights by taking photos from extreme close up, mid-close-up and mid ranges.
If it is your talented friend or even yourself who is taking the portfolio picture, take about fifty to sixty sets of different clicks and out of it select the best twenty to include in the portfolio.
Wherever you go, make sure you carry your portfolio with you go and whether you are asked to or not, be proactive and leave behind two or more hardcopy of the photo.
Creation of a new portfolio from start is hence just a one time expense.
Once you start getting good shoots, include new photographs that will show your exposure level and achievements in the industry.
In the case of ramp modelling, before you get signed up by a casting agency, one of the very first things they will want to see is the way you walk. Work on your 'walk' while creating your portfolio. The 'walks' of established models on youtube and television will help you work on your own. There are certain modelling companies in Kerala where they give you extensive advice and training on this aspect once you have signed up with those modelling agencies.
But a prior work on the walk will give you an advantage over other new models who would have not tried to work on their walk but are trying to get signed up because they know they would be trained for it.

    Top 5 Frequently Asked Questions About Portfolio Modelling Shoots

    The guidelines discussed here are mainly for female models who focuses on modelling and movies in Kerala. Always have in mind that the advertisement and movie industry in each Indian state is different and the way the portfolio is treated is different.

  1. Is A Portfolio Necessary To Get Into Modelling Or Movie In Kerala?
  2. Many aspiring female models who are interested in modelling in Kerala and want to get into an advertisement shoot or movies think that they need an expensive professional portfolio. But all casting directors and movie or ad directors in Kerala prefer to see models in natural photos. However, if you want to join as a model in our agency Models India, even the photos that are taken from your mobile is accepted. If you would like to see a better version of yourself because you are not confident with your candid photos without makeup, then you may choose a professional photographer.

  3. How To Choose A Portfolio Photographer from Kerala?
  4. One of the most important things that you can do for your career is choosing the right photographer for your portfolio. Look at his previous portfolio shoots before agreeing to shoot with a photographer. You will definitely be able to differentiate a bad photo from a good photo by doing this. There are many photographers in Kerala who specialize in outdoor shots, headshots, couture fashion, indoor theme shots, wedding photography and commercial shots. Check how the lighting makes or breaks a photo. So if any photographer says he shoots everything, then don't waste your money as he specializes in nothing. Find another professional photographer who suits your needs.

  5. Will Too Much Editing Cause A Negative Impact On My Portfolio?
  6. The casting directors and movie/ad directors in Kerala will not prefer photos that are too much edited. Your photo must show the real you. Choose photographers who have portfolio photography skills than the ones who mostly depend on photoshop editing. If photographers give a total makeover for your looks in the photo, then it will harm your career.

  7. Is A Video Portfolio Necessary?
  8. If you can choose a photographer who also captures video portfolio, it is a great idea because several factors include the lighting are different for both and not all photographers can handle both. Since extreme manipulation can be done in photography which may make the real face of the model look totally different, the casting directors and movie directors these days prefer to see videos of the model. The modelling industry prefers video portfolio too as not much editing can be done in a video portfolio. Even a self introduction video taken on mobile is accepted

  9. How Much Does A Decent Portfolio Shoot Cost In Kerala?
  10. For your portfolio shoot to come out well, you first need to hire a good photographer, makeup and hairstylist, photo retoucher and costumer. Details are as follows

    1. PHOTOGRAPHER - The fees of a professional photographer, his assistants along with the lighting, other pieces of equipment which he will use will be from Rs 3,500 to Rs 7,000
    2. STUDIO FLOOR- Secondly, you will look out for a studio. A decent studio will charge you between Rs 3,500 to Rs 7,000. You can shoot in an outdoor location if you want to save up on this.
    3. MAKEUP ARTIST- Third comes the makeup and hairstylist team. It is very important to hire professionals for your makeup and hair as it requires special skills as the lighting is different. You cannot do makeup on your own like you do for any other day. A professional team would cost you about Rs 2,500 Rs to Rs 4,000. .
    4. STYLIST- Next is hiring a dress from a stylist. If you have any good dress that is apt for the portfolio shoot, you may skip this one. Otherwise, the rent per Indian or Kerala outfit would be Rs 300 to Rs 1000.
    5. EDITOR- Lastly, you need an photo enhance editor to give the final touch to your portfolio. Sometimes the photographer himself will do this for you. Otherwise, the average market price in Kochi per photo will be Rs 100 to Rs 250.
    6. And there would be miscellaneous expenses like food, travel (if its outdoor shoot) Considering all these, the cost for a decent portfolio shoot in Kochi, Kerala would start from Rs 7,000 and go up to Rs 50,000 depending on what you choose.

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