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What kind of a model are you? How much does a model gets paid in Kerala? Let us get to know by having a look list of types of modelling in Kerala, illustration, salary of a Kerala model, job opportunity in each type of modelling and many more levels of modelling in Kerala.

First and foremost , it is important to discover what kind of model you are NOT and what kind of model you are or could be in future. The modeling industry in kerala is endless and it is very necessary to identify where you fall into and push yourself in the right direction. It is important that you have to be very honest with yourself while exploring the industry and determining where exactly you fit in. This is because you will end up not getting work if you go to the wrong industry and that may make you lose your heart and put an end to your career.

Several types of modelling might suit you since the modelling categories overlap. So a lot of trial and error is required before finalizing the actual category that you can take up. It is common that you might face rejection in one category just because it was not the right one. Not always does the ‘ideal’ modelling type such as high fashion modelling make you famous or help you earn more money than the rest of the categories. Success is guaranteed in any category.

You first need to determine your overall look in order to identify which modelling type is best for you. You can discover which look you have based on general characteristics if you do not have a model agency who will do it for you.

Let us have a look into the different modelling types in Kerala that you have got.

1 Editorial Modelling

If you have girl next to door looks, then you can become an Editorial Fashion model.Editorial Fashion modelling refers to a ‘magazine experience’. By using the photographic pictures of the model, a story will be told without using words. The photoshoot will be as per the content of the magazine. For example, if the content is regarding college exams, the model will have to pose like reading a book. You will come across a lot of these models in the article pages of many famous magazines in Kerala like Vanitha, Mangalam, Grihalakshmi etc..Editorial models need a girl next door look.

Remuneration The prices for editorial photoshoot is going down as many fresh models are willing to work at free of cost to feature themselves in topmost magazines in kerala like Vanitha Women’s Magazine. Since they are very well known for their fashion page and is one of kerala’s largest selling magazines, they will definitely catch the eyes of the clients and make you stand out.

2 Fashion Show/ Ramp Walk/ Runway


A model who walks along a narrow stage(ramp) in front of an audience by displaying various outfits and accessories is a runway model. They usually catwalk to present the upcoming fashion outfits and accessories and the show will be run by a mall, club or designers themselves. These models can also be found in the biggest catwalk show that happens every year in kerala during the Kochi International Fashion Week.
There are standard requirements to become a runway model. The expected height is over 165cm for girls, clear skin, defined jawline and symmetrical features. The taller the model is, the better. A female model must have a tall slim body and strong features with a sculpted look. These requirements simply says that this opportunity is not open to everyone.

Remuneration – The pay scale for a fashion show in Kerala is around Rs. 4000 to Rs 10,000 (Kochi) . The pay trend is stable for the past few years.

3 Commercial Model

Commercial Models are people who look like everyday people that the public can relate to. The models must have the personality and the ability to have different expressions. So some basic acting skills and training is all that is required. This is one of the most overlooked and misunderstood category by young models.
You can see them in advertisements relating to anything and everything – textile shoot, jewellery, insurance, workout equipment, office equipment, travel destinations, food and household items etc. They usually appear in commercials and is highly unlikely to see them on a ramp walk.
These models have a traditionally beautiful look with soft features and more feminine characters. Age is not a problem and they need not be slim or tall but should have the size and height in proportion to the character they gonna act. A female model must be beautiful and must be good at acting skills and dialogue delivery. Most the actress/ heroines in the Malayalam industry are from the commercial modelling industry.

In the case of a kid model, they must be cute and attractive, mostly they play a supporting character in the ad film unless the protagonist is akid, a celebrity example would be Akshara Kishore who came as a kid model and later works aschild artist in the Malayalam movie industry.

Old age models (grand parents) are always in a great demand in commercial modelling. As per our experience its quite difficult to get good looking grand parents for acting in ads. So, they have a great opportunity in the modelling industry.


-The average Remuneration what we pay for of a commercial female model (TV Ads) is between Rs10,000 to 15,000 per day in Kerala and for models from Mumbai, Banglore or Delhi charges between Rs 40,000 to 60,000 per day to work in Kerala. At times outstation models charge around Rs 1 Lakh per day, depending on the brand.

4 Print Shoot Model


These models can be seen in print media like newspapers, brochures, magazines and several flex boards and banners. The photographs of these models can also appear on buses, hoardings and a lot of everyday places. They mostly include products like textile, consumer goods, jewellery. This is one of the modeling types that is in much demand as it can make you famous if you get featured on newspapers and hence there is tight competition. So the rates depend on the frequency of the work as more people are competing for this category. Unlike TV ads, print shoot usually demands models with good looks because most the print shoot clients are textile, jewellery, home appliances etc.

Remuneration – The per day Remuneration of a print model is around Rs 10,000 to Rs 15,000 in Kerala and out station models (Banglore, Mumbai, Delhi models) charges around Rs 30,000 to Rs 50,0000 (depends on number of costume changes) per day.

5 Promotional Model/Hosting

A model actually makes her living through promotions. A model who is hired to increase consumer demand by directly


interacting with customers is a promotional model. They make the product or service more interesting by providing information to journalists or customers at convention events, trade shows, exhibitions etc. Your personality and the ability to interact with people play a very important role here and being photographed is highly unlikely. Unlike other types of modelling hostess spends only a maximum of 2 or 3 hours in the event.They usually dont spend a whole day. Hostesses dont need to be much attractive like commercial model. So, in short any female who is between the age of 18 to 25 years old can be a hostesses. Many college students in Kochi choose hosting as a part time job

Remuneraion – Earnings of a hostess starts from Rs 2500 (usually for 3 hours). The payout of hostesses remains the same for the past 5 yrs.

6 EmCee/MC (Master of Ceremonies)

These models have to lead an event or function and gets paid for talking. Their role will be to host events and


functions like corporate events, weddings, birthdays, award shows etc and keep the audience engaged by talking. The only requirement is to be good looking and have the ability to talk with a large audience. They need to have good command in Malayalam or in English, even Hindi speaking EmCees have opportunities in Kochi and Trivandrum. The Remuneration of EmCees hike during festive seasons Christmas and Newyear.

Remuneration – EmCees are Paid to Talk, their job lasts around 3 hours and they charge Rs 6,000 for handling an event in Malayalam, around Rs 10,000 for handling an event in English. Celebrity EmCees charge a minimum of Rs 30,000 to Rs 60,000 for an event. The above mentioned rates are for Kerala EmCees, in other states the charges differ.

7 Trade Show Modelling

The models who pose along with a product are called trade show models. In live exhibitions or shows like trade shows or


auto car expos, they pose along with the product to attract potential clients. They will also be photographed for testing products. For ex, if a new camera is introduced in the market, the quality of photos that the camera can produce can be checked by clicking pictures of these models and showing it to the customers.
Or they will need to explain the benefits and features of the product or services to clients.

Remuneration – Tradeshow models charges a min of Rs 3,000 to Rs 6,000 per day and usually these models are booked for at least 15 days. So, in two weeks their salary would be between Rs 45,000 to Rs 90,000

8 Fashion Modelling

When a designer launches a new trend setting costume, the models who display their outfits are called fashion models. They will either be in a photoshoot at a specific place or location or be seen on runways. They can also be photographed and featured in magazines like vanitha and sometimes they are sent for shows like Kochi International Fashion Week. These models must have stunning features with an edgy look.

9 Stock Photography Modelling

The Supply of photographs which are usually licensed for specific uses is called stock photography. Stock photography


helps agencies in using the photos for marketing and advertisements. The stock photos are sometimes sold on stock websites like Shutterstock and Getty images or Imagesbazaar. These photos may be sold to different people or companies many times.
Models act out something in stock photos like cooking, farming, holding a telephone or writing on a blackboard. These photos can be seen in newspapers or magazines.
There are no special requirements of the physical attributes of the model as it completely depends on the theme. They often ask for street casting of models like fishermen, farmers, drivers etc
One of the biggest online stock photo portals is Imagesbazaar. The models for their photoshoot are provided by us – Models India.

Remuneration – As these models can be even from street casting (common looks like farmer, fishermen etc) they get paid from Rs 2,000 to Rs 30,000 (for top notch models)

KOCHI (ERNAKULAM)80% – 90% (ADS), 20%-30% (SERIALS )
TRIVANDRUM60% – 80% (SERIALS), 10% – 20% (MINOR ADS)

These modelling types will help your agency or even yourself find out which one is suitable for you.
Majority of the models will be instantly identified as editorial or commercial models. Few of them fall into both categories.

Not able to find out which is your type? We can help you find out. Send us your photos to info@modelsindia.biz if you want to be part of modelling.

Want to know more types of modelling? Let us know by commenting below.

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