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Why Kerala Has Become A Preferred Shooting Spot?

Gone are the days where Kerala advertising or movie industry would go hungry for days together or sell everything to get their ad completed. There has been a tremendous change in the Malayalam ad industry as now it becomes a purely money-making business. In the past few years many Indian national companies choose Kerala as their favourite shooting spot. As compared to other movie industry in India the production cost is much cheaper in Kerala and they can choose a variety of shooting spots too. Last year we worked with many Indian brands like Bajaj, Asianpaints, Nerolac, Pepsi, Nestle etc. Along with the growth of the ad film industry, a lot of other businesses associated with the film industry also grew. The most important businesses that grew is the CASTING COMPANIES

How South Casting Companies Find Suitable Actors/Models?

We see a lot of supporting characters who keeps the audience entertained through their humour along with the main lead of a film. It's not easy to just choose a random person as a sidekick. It must be a person who adds value and quality to the film. It is a difficult task to select a suitable actress as there are a lot of talented people out there. This is when casting companies play an important role.

Casting agencies help in finding a suitable actress/models for the given role. They do this by these taking into consideration

In Movies

  • STEP 1 – Design the character and looks of every artist role in the film according to the screenplay
  • STEP 2 – As per the role, the contestants are given the costumes and makeup and made to go through a screen test. After the filtration, there will be 2 or 3 contestants who will be selected
  • STEP 3 -They are then presented to the director who will do the final selection

Thus casting companies helps open new doors in the film industry with fresh talent rather than getting stuck with the experienced and old actress

In Advertisements

  • STEP 1 -The total budget allotted for castings in the advertisement
  • STEP 2 -The market value or the looks of the lead actress
  • STEP 3 -If a movie or an advertisement needs a fresh new face, casting companies help a big deal to select the best fresh face

Casting companies also help aspiring actress from other states with a chance in Malayalam movies. They also help fresh talents get their big break in the movies. If an actress from another industry is required, casting companies will also help in coordinating for the same and even help through the amount settlement. Casting agencies also have a huge database of aspiring contestants from a large number of auditions that were previously conducted and also through the ongoing auditions.

How Much Does It Cost to Start Casting Agency

Although not a very high investment is involved in a casting company, it requires a lot of hard work and good contacts to run a casting company. Sometimes a casting coordinator is needed for a casting director to help him find the right model or actress. Equipments like camera and mic are rented and videographers are required for conducting auditions. Sometimes payments have to be made at the location where the auditions are conducted too. However, there are no costs involved in advertising about casting calls through social media. But as an aspiring actor / model you need to be aware about the fraudulent casting calls. Not all casting calls on social medias are genuine, if you are looking for genuine casting calls please follow our website or fb to know about authentic casting calls. All the casting calls posted on our website are thoroughly checked and verified with the help of FEFKA (Film Employees Federation of Kerala)

Models India regularly conduct auditions across Kerala for advertisements and Malayalam Movies. If you would like to get an update about upcoming auditions please register yourself on our website www.modelsindia.biz Once any project matches with your photos, you will be intimated by us for a self audition.

The Casting Calls Publised On MODELS INDIA Are Thoroughly Checked And Verified With The Help Of FEFKA (Film Employees Federation Of Kerala)


Types Of Casting Agencies In South India (Kerala Bangalore Chennai)

  • Individual Freelance Model Coordinator

    In order to serve minor projects, there are individual freelance co-coordinators who also help in providing exposure and creating portfolios to get assignments that are very much needed for both aspiring as well as existing models. The auditions for the models are arranged by them through agencies whom they have contacts with. These freelance model coordinators work with multiple agencies and do not represent a single agency in general. Freelance coordinators are mostly seen in Kerala among other South Indian cities.

  • Small Boutique Agencies

    For marketing in exclusive cities of Kerala like Trivandrum and Calicut, there are small boutique agencies who provide specialized services to their clients and for the models, they offer personal guidance and support. These agencies will have a client list that is limited and provides more of a personalised experience which helps aspiring and existing models in building and developing themselves.

  • Organised Professional Agencies

    There are large agencies that are involved in all aspects of modelling. They are the glue that holds models and clients together. The complete needs of the clients are taken care off as they have professional agents for managing the business affairs. They are maintained to serve different types of clients like national ads, tv shows, movies, local ads etc. These large agencies are in great demand to ensure the processes runs smoothly from start to end for both clients and models. They train models, gets them auditions, lays out the portfolio and find work for the models by presenting then to fashion designers, photographers and other clients. By handling even the smallest of the need of the models, these agencies make sure to allow the models to entirely focus on modelling and not on the business end.

There are several job positions in a modelling agency. They all do essentially the same thing however, and it’s a good idea to understand the basic setup of an agency, especially when it comes to the roles of the staffs who work in a casting company.

We MODELS INDIA come under the category of Organised Professional Agency. In MODELS INDIA, we have Casting Director, Casting Coordinator, Model Coordinator, Client Relationship Manager and freelance Talent Scouts in each district of Kerala. When models from cities like Bangalore, Mumbai and Delhi would like to become a model in Kerala, we have a dedicated coordinator to support them. There is a separate team that focuses on movies and advertisements separately.


What Are The Main Job Positions In A Modelling Agency?

01 The Model Coordinator

In the case of small agencies, all these jobs are done by one person who is called the Model Coordinator. Instead of running an Organised Agency a model coordinator has to do all the jobs by himself. They are more like a self employed freelance worker. They cannot be called as a casting director or a professional agent. They get their job done by the scattered database of models and clients. In Kerala many model coordinators depend on Large Casting Agencies for work

What Is The Role Of A Model Coordinator?

  1. He will be the first person a model meets and talks will happen over emails or phone
  2. He is often out looking out actively for models
  3. Their main job is to find more details about the model that fits their requirements and report the details back to the agency
  4. Sometimes when they spot a model who fits their requirements, they might be invited to sign up on the spot by the agency

A model coordinator may simply be known as an agent in the agency that a model works and will be the first point of contact

How Does A Model Coordinator Help A Model?

  1. They usually handle models
  2. They contact the models when there is a casting opportunity
  3. They follow through with the auditions given by a model
  4. They solve issues like the remuneration of the models, make cab arrangements, flight arrangements and so on
  5. They will be the first person to go to when a model has questions regarding clients or if they feel something isn't right
  6. They choose the best clients and markets for the models
  7. They help models to get a bigger picture and strategize their career
  8. They help models make long term decisions

What Are The Qualities Required For A Model (In Ref, Model Coordinator) ?

  1. You must always be promoting yourself to your coordinator as he is your first and only client.
  2. Always project your energy, positivity and your undivided attention to your career every time that you talk to him
  3. Give him constant reminders on why he should be promoting you to the clients by showing him you are a simply amazing professional model who is always high on energy and the best at what you do
  4. Getting a good reputation with the coordinator and showing him that you are willing to go that extra mile is important because there are a lot of models and competition is indeed tight.

With these qualities, it will be ensured that your coordinator will promote you to the clients more often and you will be one among the top models.

What Happens When You Don't Showcase These Qualities?

If you turn out to be a model who always complains and gives too much of self-importance, arrogant and unpredictable, it is only obvious that your coordinator will not promote you much to his clients. This is simply because the needs of the clients are the most important to the coordinator. They will not risk disappointing the client and sends models with the above-said qualities as they can work well with the clients. This will make you fall at the bottom of the models' list and eventually end up with FEWER CASTING or even NO CASTING..

Probability Of Getting Modelling Jobs Through

Model Coordinators
Boutique Model Agencies
Professional Model Agency

2. THE BOOKER (Client Relationship Manager)

Between the agency and the clients, the Bookers are the direct link.

What Are The Roles Of A Booker?

  1. To make sure that the model does not have to worry about their payment, accommodation, travel etc, they verify the credibility of the client and the project.
  2. If a model has been shortlisted for an advertising shoot, they will be contacted by the booker
  3. The booker will talk to the model and understand what they are as a person as this helps them to talk to the clients about the models
  4. They also understand the need of the clients completely to give them a suitable model

In MODEL INDIA, we make it a point to get to know every model personally. We work as a team and each person is allowed to give suggestions and opinions about what might work out with a model and which role she might be suitable for. The same approach is done when it comes to clients as well. We are one big family and the models feel as home too.

The jobs of the model coordinator, booker, agency directors are categorised when it comes to smaller agencies in Kerala. They will have multiple divisions within the agency since they categorize aspiring models separately as child models, male models, female models etc. This makes it difficult for each booker, scout or director to know every model

Since the bookers have wide experience and knowledge working with a large number of clients, they also give suggestions regarding heroine castings or a new ad shoot to the model to improve her chance of success.

3. The Assistants

The people who help the agency in effective administration are called assistants and an important part of the agency. Sometimes they do other roles also. Models will come in contact with the assistants every now and then.

What Are The Roles Of The Assistants?

  1. They help with the normal administrative issues that arise
  2. If the agents are busy, they help models with their concern and gives solutions
  3. They sometimes do the roles of the coordinator or booker too

REMEMBER - Model Coordinators are your Super Gods, they are the ones who give you work and money. Be responsible towards them, that will take you a long way in the industry.

MORAL - If you treat everyone in the agency (irrespective of casting director, coordinator or an assistant)with genuine interest, dignity and respect, it will come back to you many times over in terms of career benefits to you.

Correction - If You Treat Everyone You Meet In Life That Way, It Will Definitely Come Back To You Many Times Over In All Kinds Of Good Ways.

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